Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 29, 2018

These Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies are chewy and dense and rich and lovely. Nutty pecans and vegan chocolate chips in every hearty bite.

Hop in the kitchen and have a baking moment. Because, if you are like me, baking cookies just feels good! But watch out for those cookie-baking lurkers…

Someone is always hanging around when you are baking cookies, yes?

(Even cats who definitely do not eat cookies…)

Well, these are worth hanging around for!

Whole Wheat Cookies. I know the word “wheat” can feel like a bad word lately. And I totally understand that some people stay away from gluten-containing foods for health reasons, but for those of us still consuming wheat, whole wheat is in fact a good option for baking. It boosts the fiber content of your baked goods and adds a nice hearty texture too. You are getting about 12 more grams of fiber per cup of flour when you use whole wheat versus all-purpose flour. 4g vs 16g. (Comparing Bob’s Red Mill varieties.)

I also find that when I use whole wheat flours, my baked goods (which are always vegan/egg-free) have a bit more oomph in terms of texture and body. And I love that.

Some people think ‘whole wheat’ baked goods have to be grainy or dry. Well these cookies are definitely not grainy or dry! They are fluffy, chewy and delicious.

Still lurking..

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