Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup

February 7, 2019

Delectable Thai spices and creamy peanut butter, plus shiitake mushrooms and ramen noodles, flavor this hearty vegetarian Thai peanut soup.

I’m typing this with 4″ of snow piled on the deck rail outside my window. Schools are closed, and snow-heavy leaves still clinging to their trees brought down power lines in spots around the city.

Ugh. It’s still November, Mother Nature. What’s up with this?

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup |

But, on the bright side, it’s the perfect day for curling up indoors with a good book and big bowl of warmth, like this homemade vegetarian Thai peanut soup.

Non-food-bloggers probably wonder why we mention weather so often in our posts, as if we have nothing else to talk about, like two strangers on a long elevator ride. But here’s the deal: food is so closely tied to time and place and bodily comfort that it’s nearly impossible to separate it from what’s going on outside.

To wit: it’s cold throughout most of the U.S. today: how many of you hovered over a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate or tea this morning? Good stuff, right? Comforting.

Weather determines what food is in season, and as summer heat gives way to chilly autumn, we’re hard-wired to transition our cravings from bright, acidic tomatoes, snappy peppers, and leafy greens — foods that are perfect in their raw states — to the starchy carbs of fall root vegetables, tubers, and squashes that give noble purpose to our stoves and ovens.

So when it’s cold — and we’re looking at a low tonight in the single digits here in the Ohio Valley — my thoughts turn to soup. In fact, turkey bone broth has been simmering in my slow cooker all night long, so my entire house smells like the best comfort food restaurant you’ve ever walked into.

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup |

Don’t stall on the long ingredient list: you probably have much of it in your pantry already. And one of the beautiful things about Thai cuisine is that it’s the best at layering many flavors into one amazing whole.

Vegetarian Thai peanut soup is the antidote to snow everywhere days like today. Crave-worthy Thai spices, twirly ramen noodles, and just enough peanut butter to add a salty richness … this soup is comfort food warmth in a bowl.

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