Instant pot short rib ragu

July 10, 2018

Short Rib Ragu?! Who am I right now, making SHORT RIBS?

I am a pillowy-gnocchi-loving-pasta-eater, that’s who.

Carbs 100% dictate my life, and my current carbs wanted short rib ragu.

Did you know that short rib ragu is so good, end of story, but also not end of story because it just takes pasta to a whole nother level? Saucy, tangy, and just so tender and luscious all at the same time? This was a new discovery for me.

As a less-savvy meat cooker (<- this is who you’re dealing with), I was a little intimidated by making short rib ragu. But then I remembered how we had this at our dinner club all those years ago, and I remembered how good it was with our tiny pillows of homemade gnocchi, and then I got brave with it because a) Instant Pot, and b) food motivation.

So that’s what’s happening today – short ribs, short cut, Instant Pot, RAGU!

Starting with the short ribs. We’re starting with the saute function on the Instant Pot to get a nice browning on the short ribs.

Short ribs in an Instant Pot.

Okay, then something magical happens.

You have all the browned bits in the bottom of the pan, right? So you throw some onions and garlic in, and you start working those browned bits off into your sauce. Oh my gosh, YES.

Short ribs and onions in an Instant Pot.

Did I already talk about magic?

There’s more magic.

A splash of red wine pulls all your browned bits, sauteed onions, garlic, and spices into something so good that it should be illegal.

Wine poured into an Instant Pot.

Now the shortcut part. Add your short ribs back in with a jar of your favorite tomato sauce (we almost always use DeLallo at our house because TRUE FLAVOR and NO ADDED SUGARS).

And now the Instant Pot gets to work.

Cooked short ribs in an Instant Pot.

One hour later? This is what is sitting in front of your face.

You are your own favorite person right now for making this happen.

Parmesan sprinkled on Instant Pot Short Rib Ragu with gnocchi.

Instant Pot Short Rib Ragu, guys. It’s a little short-cut-y, a little weeknight-friendly, and MEGA DELICIOUS.

Put this on anything – rice, potatoes, polenta, pappardelle or penne, maybe some baked rigatoni? But also, stand by because there is a homemade gnocchi tutorial coming soon, and I have to say, those little dumplings from heaven are kind of my favorite.

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