Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie

March 4, 2019

What are your thoughts on sugar? This year on social media there’s been a big push for No Sugar January. Then that caused a separate backlash: “Why don’t we just eat sugar in moderation?” Either way, Alex and I are all about enjoying sugar in moderation AND reducing our sugar consumption. To us, the key is not making sugar an enemy. And then, finding some good alternatives for when we have sweet cravings that are full of nutrients. This chocolate blueberry smoothie is so, so tasty. For me, a chocoholic: it hits the spot of my chocolate craving. Keep reading for the recipe.

Healthy chocolate smoothie

Being sick is the worst, right? We’re just coming off of some sickness the past few days that had us completely bedridden. THE WORST. But luckily, since Alex, Larson and I typically eat a whole food plant based diet, we don’t find ourselves getting sick too often! This blueberry smoothie is not a cure for sickness, or a health elixir. BUT: it’s a way to cure a sweets craving with nutrient dense fruits: blueberry and banana. You could call it a chocolate banana smoothie, or a chocolate blueberry smoothie, or a healthy chocolate smoothie: whatever it is, it’s delicious!

Chocolate banana smoothie

How to make this chocolate blueberry smoothie

OK, call us crazy. We don’t often post smoothies on this website, because—well, we’re bad at making smoothies.  Yes, laugh away! For some reason, it’s really hard for us to find smoothies recipe we love. Most of them ended up either too bitter, too sweet, too thick, too thin. Following a recipe didn’t work, and throwing random smoothie-like ingredients into a blender didn’t work. Anyone else have this problem?

Last year, we finally found a great smoothie recipe: our Glowing Green Smoothie. The tangy is balanced with sweet, and it has a loose but creamy texture that’s easily drinkable and a vivid, glowing green color. Yum.

Finally a year later, we have a new delicious smoothie to add to the mix: this Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie! It’s extremely easy to whip up in a blender, and it uses ingredients we typically have on hand. Sometimes I get made at smoothie recipes that call for a frozen banana (I never remember to do it!), so in this one it calls for just a regular banana. Then add in some frozen blueberries (easy to keep on hand in case a craving strikes), cocoa powder, maple syrup, and vanilla. Whiz it up and it makes a dark purple drink that tastes a bit like a healthy chocolate smoothie.

I made these for myself and Larson and he absolutely loved it. As in, won’t let go of the straw loved it! I think we found a winner.

Chocolate banana smoothie

Chocolate blueberry smoothie

This recipe is…

This chocolate blueberry smoothie is vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and naturally sweet.

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