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    Paleo Walnut Shrimp

    December 12, 2018

    Okay—I actually did publish it…waaaay back in 2013. It’s one of my favorite dishes from our first cookbook (and our app), but for years, I held off on publishing this recipe on my blog, waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for a super-special occasion to do so. After all, in my family, Walnut Shrimp was only served at happy gatherings—which is probably why I associate this dish with such fond memories. And when my parents would take us out for celebratory feasts (in Chinese restaurants, naturally), I could never resist the siren call of crunchy shrimp and candied nuts—all slathered in a creamy, tangy-sweet sauce.

    Well, I suppose the start of the Lunar New Year is a good enough reason to finally whip out this beloved dish. My Paleo Walnut Shrimp is an utterly authentic-tasting real-food version of this Hong Kong classic; once you try it, I bet you’ll love it as much as I do.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Serves 4


    Maple-Spiced Walnuts

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp

    • 3 tablespoons Paleo Mayonnaise (if you don’t feel like making it, buy Primal Kitchen Mayo)
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
    • 1 pound (approximately 20 to 25) uncooked large fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined
    • ¾ teaspoon Diamond Crystal kosher salt
    • 1 large egg white
    • 2 tablespoons tapioca starch
    • 1 cup ghee (or fat of choice) for frying
    • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds, toasted



    Let’s start with the nuts. Preheat the oven to 350°F with the rack in the middle position. Add the walnuts, maple syrup, melted ghee, salt, and cayenne to a medium bowl, and stir to combine. Make sure the nuts are well coated.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Spread the walnuts in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Bake for 15 minutes or until fragrant, stirring often to ensure even cooking. Keep a close eye on the walnuts—particularly in the last few minutes—to prevent scorching. Take the walnuts out of the oven, and give them one final toss. They’ll still be sticky, but the coating will harden once the nuts cool down.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Next, make the sauce. In a medium bowl, combine the mayonnaise, honey, and lemon juice…

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    …and whisk to combine into a sweet, creamy dressing.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    In another medium bowl, toss the shrimp with the salt.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    In a large bowl, whisk the egg white until frothy, and add the tapioca starch. Mix to form a smooth batter. No clumps, please!

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Add the shrimp to the batter and mix well, making sure they’re completely coated.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Heat a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat. Add the ghee. Then, once it’s shimmering, fry the shrimp in three separate batches. Cook the shrimp for 1 to 2 minutes on each side…

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    …or until they’re golden on the outside and no longer translucent on the inside.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Transfer the cooked shrimp to a wire rack.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    When all the batches are done, plop the shrimp into the bowl with the honey-mayo sauce…

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    …and gently toss to coat the prawns before plating.

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Sprinkle the candied walnuts and toasted sesame seeds on the shrimp…

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    …and serve immediately!

    Paleo Walnut Shrimp by Michelle Tam / Nom Nom Paleo https://nomnompaleo.com

    Read more at: https://nomnompaleo.com/paleo-walnut-shrimp


    Two-Bean Pasta Salad

    December 8, 2018

    I am always playing around with ways to add more beans to my diet. And one of my favorite ways to eat beans is in a big chilled salad. Chilled salads, like today’s recipe, allow all the flavors to marinate into the beans, creating so much flavor and loveliness.

    Today’s Two-Bean Pasta Salad actually includes two of my favorite ingredients: beans and pasta. Fluffy pasta spirals all cozy and warm, tucked in between layers of purple beans, ruffles of spinach, lemon juice, balsamic, pepper and salty olives.

    This bean-loaded pasta salad reminds me of a dish you would find in a fancy deli or bakery shop. The kind with loads of picnic-approved pasta salads and such. So if you are looking for a flavorful, healthy way to serve beans – or if you just love a good make-ahead approved, chilled pasta salad – give this a try.

    Plus, a few of my fave vegan picnic recipes!..

    Once all the goodies are in a big bowl – you toss! The warm pasta will help to mix around all those flavors – wilting the spinach and bringing out the flavors of everything…

    ..Of course this salad gets placed in the fridge where all the fun happens. The chilled temps lock in all those flavors and allow the juices to seep further into the pasta, veggies and beans.

    And though I love this salad warmed up or even served right away after that initial toss – when you serve this salad chilled, the flavors and textures are taken to a new level.

    Other bean-y salads here on HHL. Back in 2010 I posted a simple lemon two-bean salad. Then last year I did a simple kidney bean salad. But this time, I added fluffy pasta – bringing the flavor and texture level to a new, lovely level..

    My favorite thing about this salad is how delicious it gets after sitting in the fridge for a few hours. All the flavors mingle and the beans and pasta become marinated with flavor.

    I also love the complexity. Textured veggies and nutty chickpeas. Some saltiness from those olives. Some sweetness in there too. Cheeziness. A hint of spiciness. Fluffy pasta. And loads of bright acid from lemon and vinegar.

    Picnic perfect!

    Planning a picnic? Here are a few of my favorite recipes for a picnic lunch:

    – Salad in a Jar
    – Fresh Ginger Tea
    – Fave seven-layer hummus sandwich
    – BBQ Chickpea Salad Wraps
    – Avocado Toast – squeeze plenty of lemon over top to keep it fresh and green
    – side of beet hummus + veggie sticks
    – Arugula + Avo + Fruit Salad
    – pineapple lemonade
    – peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars
    – kale chips
    – Candy-Topped Peanut Butter Cookies
    – PBJ (plus a few things I bring on a hike!)

    I shared some picnic tips in this post!

    Beachy picnics are probably my fave..

    *those are vegan fonuts in there, fyi

    This cravable pasta salad can be made ahead and served chilled – or eaten right away, served warmish.

    Read more at: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2018/05/two-bean-pasta-salad.html

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    Hella Southern Vegan Hot Chicken Biscuits

    November 20, 2018

    Vegan hot chicken biscuits | @sweetpotatosoul

    I grew up on chicken biscuits, though certainly not the vegan variety. Next to Waffle House waffles, a hot chicken biscuit wrapped in foil from Chick-fil-A was my favorite restaurant treat! I remember begging my mom to buy me one as we’d drive by Chick-fil-A on our way to school. And if there wasn’t a Chick-fil-A around, I could smell the chicken biscuits at Popeye’s from a mile away. I loved theirs too.

    I didn’t try *hot* chicken biscuits until I visited Nashville for the first time in 2017. Sure, I lived a mere 4 hours away, in Atlanta, for my entire upbringing, but we never visited. On my cross country road trip with my boo last summer, we ate at Nashville’s The Southern V, a hugely popular black-owned vegan restaurant that serves the most delicious and authentic vegan soul food. We ordered their vegan hot chicken biscuits, and I was immediately transported back to the biscuits of my childhood, only these had an amazing spicy kick!

    Vegan hot chicken biscuits | @sweetpotatosoul

    I still think about those vegan hot chicken biscuits from The Southern V, so naturally I had to go ‘head and make my own. To replace the chicken I used good ol’ cauliflower. Not only is it a compassionate alternative, but it makes for the juiciest vegan “chicken”, and it’s full of nutrients to help offset some of the damage done by frying. I made a buttermilk biscuit using a combination of soy milk and apple cider vinegar. If you mix any acid like vinegar or citrus juice with non-dairy milk, it’ll curdle and develop a tangy taste just like buttermilk. No cows harmed in the process! And lastly, if you don’t like your hot “chick’n” so darn hot, use the batter from this recipe for vegan chicken & waffles.

    My friend Koya Webb joined me in the kitchen to make this classic southern recipe. She’s from Tennessee, so she knows hot chicken better than most! I had so much fun cooking with my southern vegan friend. Enjoy the video below, then keep scrolling for the easy-to-make recipe!

    Read more at: http://sweetpotatosoul.com/2018/05/vegan-hot-chicken-biscuits.html


    Energizing Coco Date Balls

    November 15, 2018

    Just as quickly as I fell in love with energy bars, I quit buying them. Their appeal is certainly in their simple ingredients, delicious taste, and convenience, but they also happen to be incredibly easy to make. For the last 6 or 7 years I’ve been making my own (and saving money in the process). If you have a food processor, then you can make your own delicious date balls too!

    Energizing Coco Date Balls | Food Processor Recipes | @sweetpotatosoulTo make these Coco Date balls I blended caramelly dates with toasted pecans, raw cacao powder, and uplifting MegaFood® Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder™, then rolled them in chunky shreds of coconut. All of these ingredients help to boost your energy, and keep you full thanks to plenty of fiber.*

    The MegaFood® Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder™ is an unsweetened blend of FoodState® B12, Chromium, beet root, eleuthero root, ashwaganda, bacopa, and green tea. You’re probably familiar with B12 for its important role in maintaining proper neurological functioning and healthy formation of red blood cells.* Chromium, on the other hand, is a mineral that we don’t hear much about. It supports the body’s metabolic processes by regulating blood sugar and helping insulin transport glucose into cells, which in turn, gives you a boost of energy!* Eleuthero, ashwaganda, and bacopa are all herbs that have been used for thousands of years to help the body cope with stress.* My favorite way to use the Nutrient Booster Powder is in date balls like these. They add a nice flavor to the balls, and certainly helps support my energy throughout the day without stimulants like sugar or caffeine.*

    Energizing Coco Date Balls | Food Processor Recipes | @sweetpotatosoul

    Read more at: http://sweetpotatosoul.com/2018/05/energizing-coco-date-balls.html


    15 Minute Vegan Meals | 3 delicious recipes that will fill you up!

    November 10, 2018

    Good news, you can make a delicious and filling vegan meal in under 15 minutes! No ninja kitchen skills required! In my last blog post for 5 ingredient vegan recipes, I talked about how I love to cook and to eat, but I don’t always have the time or energy to make a masterpiece. At the same time, I am so spoiled that nothing less than amazing will do. And why not? It’s a crappy myth that vegan cooking has to require skill, time, and patience. On the contrary! I made every recipe for this new video and blog post in under 15 minutes, and you can too.

    Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more weekly cooking videos!

    Keep scrolling to get the recipes for all of the 15 minute vegan meals I shared in this video. And don’t miss more 15 minute vegan meals here, and 5 ingredient vegan recipes here and here. Send this video or blog post to all the people in your life who say they can’t go vegan because it takes too much time and effort 🙂

    Korean BBQ Jackfruit Tacos 15 Minute Vegan Meals | @sweetpotatosoulFirst let’s start with the Korean BBQ Jackfruit Tacos. Sounds restaurant fancy, doesn’t it? I bought a tasty vegan Korean BBQ sauce at my local Sprouts grocery store, and cooked some shredded jackfruit in it for 10 minutes, then put it all in a hot tortilla. 15 minutes later I have a delicious meal that is just as great as any you could expect to eat at a restaurant. Sure, you could get even more fancy by serving these with a kimchi slaw, and mango guacamole, but save that for when you feel like spending more time in the kitchen (or buy those things pre-made). These 15 minute tacos will hit all the spots. Add them—along with the other recipes in this 15 minute vegan meal roundup—to your weekly meal plan schedule.

    Jackfruit might sound like a fancy ingredient, but you can actually buy it at your local Trader Joe’s grocery store. I’ve also found it at Caribbean and Asian markets. Look for green or unripened jackfruit in brine in a can. You can also buy it online. If you can’t find jackfruit, you can make these tacos with mushrooms—I especially like doing a  blend of oyster, shiitake, and enoki, but even baby bella will do—other good substitutions might be extra-firm tofu, tempeh, or something like Gardein or Beyond Meat.

    Chickpea Tuna Sandwich15 Minute Vegan Meals | @sweetpotatosoulI’ve shared this chickpea tuna salad on my blog before, and it’s been one of the most popular recipes on SPS for years! I understand why! You can turn to this yummy dish to get all the tasty goodness of a tuna salad without having to eat the body of another animal, worry about toxins like mercury, or consume cholesterol. Win win win!! I love serving this chickpea mash between two slices of my favorite sandwich bread, on top of avocado toast, as part of a Buddha Bowl, as a dip for crudité, or tossed into a massaged kale salad. Serving it in a sandwich is probably the easiest, and most balanced.

    You’ll need a food processor to best make this chickpea mash. A blender will most likely blend the ingredients unevenly, or turn the chickpeas into hummus. The best choice for making this without a food processor is to mash the ingredients together with a fork. Just make sure to mince your celery if you plan on doing it that way.

    Broccolini Linguine 15 Minute Vegan Meals | @sweetpotatosoulI don’t eat pasta often, but when I do it is a treat! Pasta is the epitome of the 15 minute vegan meal. I almost didn’t include it in this roundup because it seems so obvious, until I realized that I may be taking for granted the fact that you can balance out all of that refined flour by adding nutritious broccolini (or other green veggies) and mushrooms. I also really wanted to share this recipe because it utilizes one of my favorite cooking techniques, which I call “the smash”. To speed up the cook time of your vegetables and to get them to quickly caramelize, and to make your mushrooms more flavorful and meaty, cook them on medium or medium-high heat and place the flat lid of a pan directly on top of them. The heavier the lid, the better. “Smashing” them will allow them to more quickly release their liquids, and the result tastes similar to roasting. I learned this technique from a vegan cooking video. If you have two cast iron skillets you can cook the veggies in one, and place the clean bottom of the other one directly on top of your veggies or mushrooms. I swear, you will love the smash technique! If you need a visual check out the video above.

    Read more at: http://sweetpotatosoul.com/2018/03/15-minute-vegan-meals.html


    Golden Coconut Apple Oatmeal

    October 31, 2018

    The key ingredient you need to create this “golden milk” oatmeal is turmeric. We’ve talked a lot about turmeric on the blog before. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and I like to include it in my diet regularly to improve recovery.

    To enhance the absorption of curcurmin, the active ingredient found in turmeric, I added some black pepper. I also added ginger, cinnamon and cardamom for that warming, sweet and savoury blend of spices that go so well together. If you’re missing one of those, that’s okay. Just turmeric and either cinnamon or ginger is delicious, cardamom is just a bonus. If you have them all, go for it!

    You can also try turmeric in my Savory Oatmeal with Tempeh and TurmericVegan Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake or Vegan Turmeric Carrot Oatmeal Cookies.

    Apple Oatmeal with Turmeric, Coconut and Flax


    This recipe is easy to make in under 10 minutes. You’ll just need some oats, flax, apple, sweetener, spices and coconut. I cooked mine in water but you could also use a mix of water and either almond milk and coconut milk.

    For more stovetop oatmeal ideas, try my Peanut Butter Banana Blueberry OatmealPeanut Butter Chocolate OatmealVegan Peaches and Cream Oatmeal or Chia Seed Oatmeal with Tahini and Persimmon. For overnight oats, check out my Brownie Batter Overnight Protein OatsCarrot Cake Overnight Protein Oats or Chocolate Chip Zucchini Overnight Oats


    This recipe makes one serving and provides calories, grams of carbohydrates, grams of fat and grams of protein. You’ll also be getting of your dialy iron, of your daily calcium nad of yoru daily vitamin A and vitamin C.

    Read more at: https://runningonrealfood.com/golden-coconut-apple-oatmeal/


    Simple Scones

    October 28, 2018


    Serves: 12

    Difficulty: easy


    300g oat flour

    150g plain flour (I use gluten free)

    1 teaspoon bicarb

    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

    200ml almond milk

    200ml maple syrup

    50g coconut oil, melted. Plus extra for lining the muffin tray.


    Preheat the oven to 180c, fan setting. Line a 12-hole muffin tray with coconut oil.

    In a large bowl, mix together the flour, bicarb and spices. Once combined, add the maple syrup, coconut oil and almond milk and mix until a batter has formed.

    Pour the mixture into the muffin holes and bake for 20-25 minutes, until golden – a knife inserted in the centre should come out clean, if not place back into the oven for 5 more minutes.

    Once cooked, leave the scones to cool for at least 10 minutes in their tin to firm up, then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling or serve warm out the tin.

    These scones taste delicious with a big dollop of coconut yogurt and chia jam.

    Read more at: https://deliciouslyella.com/2018/03/29/easter-scones/


    Green goddess spring socca

    October 16, 2018

    Socca is a lovely meal for anytime of year, but for whatever reason I’m always most compelled to make it in the springtime. It’s something about the weather getting warmer: I’m ready to break out of grain bowls and soups for lunch, more eager for flatbreads and toasts and salads. This simple green goddess spring socca is layered with avocado slices and fresh greens, then smothered with the vibrant, tahini green goddess dressing I shared a couple weeks ago (I’ve been putting it on everything lately). It’s so easy to make, and it’s perfect for slicing thin and sharing.

    Green Goddess Spring Socca | The Full Helping

    Sharing is just what I’ll be doing this coming Wednesday. I’m teaming up with the lovely team at Little Choc Apothecary, an all-vegan crêperie in Brooklyn, to host a 5-course vegan dinner in honor of springtime, Earth Day, and vegan community here in New York. This socca is on the menu, along with my minted pea soup, the arugula French lentil salad from Food52 Vegan, and a really delicious vegan dessert crepe with hazelnut praline, dark chocolate, and vanilla cashew cream.

    Little Choc is a woman owned business, and its owner, Julia Kravets, is absolutely tireless. She’s at Little Choc every day, often whipping up crepes while also greeting customers and keeping up with social media. Julia spent ten years in the fashion and modeling industries, until going vegan changed her life and inspired her to go back to cooking school. Now she’s proving that creative, sweet and savory buckwheat crepes can be created without animal products. If you’re in the area and would like to check the dinner out, you can learn more here. I’d love to meet you!

    In the meantime, I’m excited to be sharing one of the highlights of the meal with you. This socca is so simple that at first I wasn’t sure whether it belonged on the menu of a formal, sit-down meal. But if there’s anything I keep learning and re-learning about cooking, it’s that simple food—good bread, a really fresh salad, a perfectly seasoned bowl of soup—is what most of us crave. Embellishment isn’t necessary, especially when ingredients are fresh and appealing.

    This socca is all about contrast: crisp greens, creamy avocado, cool toppings over a warm chickpea pancake. You can serve it with a soup or a nice salad for an easy lunch, or slice it up and serve it as an appetizer or finger food with friends.

    Green Goddess Spring Socca | The Full Helping
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    Adaptogenic date shake

    October 9, 2018

    Each year, my now friend Sasha Swerdloff of Tending the Table genius organizes a trip for women in the food world (bloggers, cookbook authors, chefs, nutritionists, photographers etc.) to get together, hang out, share delicious food, and get to know each other beyond a screen (…see? Genius!) This year I actually got to attend – ok truth: I shamelessly invited myself because I wanted to meet this talented troupe of ladies IRL. The group decided to gather in Palm Springs, much to my delight as I needed to escape two kinds of hell: overdue home renovations and Ontario in February.

    The days were magically sunny, delicious, and life-affirming. We cooked a lot, then let our food get cold taking too many photos of it. We swam, we hiked, we yoga-ed, we laughed, and conspired together. Besides all of the heart-warming togetherness, one of the highlights for me, was visiting a date farm just outside the city limits, to understand where our favourite whole food sweetener comes from (and to gorge ourselves, naturally). I had never seen dates on a tree before, and was moved to learn from the passionate farmer himself just how these sweet miracles grow.


    Dates grow on palm trees, and they fastidiously follow the calendar – you can practically set your watch to a date palm’s seasonal cycle. The first day of spring the tree is in full bloom and the hard work begins, as the farmer pollinates each one by hand. The ratio of male to female trees is about 1 to 30, since the male trees are only necessary to produce the pollen, and the female trees are the ones that produce the fruit. Between the first day of spring and the first day of summer, the tree sets up its entire crop for the year. All the work (trimming, feeding, etc.) must take place during this season, since it’s during this period is when the fruit ripens, turning from green, to yellow, to brown. The dates are ready to eat from the first day of autumn, and then the harvest begins. During this season, the fruit is either left on the tree and protected with cloth bags to prevent rain, birds and insects from spoiling the fruit, or picked when ripe. The farmer told us that the best place for the dates is to remain on the tree for freshness, but if the load is too heavy, it will not bloom as well the following year, thus effecting the trees’ output.

    After decades of date farming, he was as wide-eyed and passionate about his fruit as an eager young man, which really made us all swoon. It is truly one of my favourite things in this world, to see how and where food is grown, and to meet and connect with the people who lovingly produce it. We all left with full bellies and hearts, and of course, our bags bulging with dates.   

    Date shake

    Along the dusty, desert road home we saw so many signs for date shakes, since this is the land where this indulgent treat was invented back in the 1930s. None of us caved and bought one, but my mouth was definitely watering, and I was excited to get back and make one for myself. The original recipe is simple, and calls for dates, vanilla ice cream, milk, and sometimes a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. I knew this was the perfect makeover opportunity, and high-vibed my date shake with coconut milk instead of dairy, hemp seeds, and adaptogens.

    So why the adaptogens? Well, I felt like the already-pretty-healthy date shake could use a boost, and what better way to make something more supportive than with a dose of stress-reducing, adrenal-loving, hormone-balancing, potions to get you back into balance? Yahs! I had these four choices on hand, but there are a lot of options once you start to dig around the health food store a little. Here is a little about each one and why I chose them.

    Ashwaganda: helps the body adapt to stress and bring us back into balance. It encourages deeper sleep, supports the immune system, and energy levels.
    He Shou Wu: builds the blood, harmonizes adrenal gland function, nourishes hair, skin and nervous system, increases antioxidant activity.
    Maca: increases stamina, elevates mood, helps to balance hormones in both men and women, supports fertility and healthy libido.
    Licorice: balances hormones, helps the body adapt to stress, supports the immune response, and aids learning and memory.

    *Some adaptogens during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and while on medication are not recommended, so check with your natural health care provider before trying any of them.


    The farm we visited grew seven types of dates, and we loved trying them all. The unanimous favourite was the grower’s very own variety that he created himself, called Black Gold. He also mentioned that this was the best type of date for a date shake, but considering the fact that you maaaaay not get a chance to visit Palm Springs anytime soon, I’ll go ahead and recommend using Medjool dates for the shakes, since they are widely available, and their thin skin blends very easily into a smooth consistency. If you cannot find Medjool, try Deglet Noor instead, or soak your dates in warm water for half an hour before blending.

    Dates are a great source of energy, and provide a generous amount of filling dietary fibre with very little fat. Dates are mineral rich, delivering potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper, as well as an assortment of B-vitamins. Seek out dates that are plump and juicy-looking (if you’re buying from a market, ask to try them first), that their skin is intact, and that they are neither glossy or dusty. I store my dates in an airtight glass jar in the fridge to extend their shelf life, and protect their flavour and nutrients. Kept this way, dates will last up to six months. Outside of the fridge at room temperature, dates will last about a month and a half, or you can freeze them for up to a year.


    The banana in this blend up is totally optional, and I actually really liked the version without, even though it was less thick and “milkshakey”. If you want to add more dates for sweetness and flavour, live it up. I found that this amount, about 3 Medjool dates, was just perfect for me, even without the banana. The spices are also optional, but help to disguise any strong flavours from the adaptogens, which admittedly can sometimes taste like the inside of a barn, or everyone’s favourite: feet? Mmmmm. Right. Let’s cover that up.

    All in all, this is a delicious and filling way to start your morning, or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. It’s creamy, smooth, sweet and totally balanced. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!   


    Read more at: https://www.mynewroots.org/site/2018/05/adaptogenic-date-shake/

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    Vegan Love Shakes!

    October 1, 2018

    We usually don’t do a big thing of Valentine’s Day so I’m not sure what happened here. Maybe it was because we recently got married or because Elsa has been drawing and folding Valentine gifts (for us!) for the past week. Perhaps it was because Noah slowly has been starting his kindergarten training so we are finally getting a few moments together again without any kids around. Or was it perhaps simply because we have always secretly been dreaming of creating a big American-style ice cream shake topped with whipped cream, meringues, chocolate and the full shebang. Yup, that was probably it.

    Luise mentioned the idea of a shake this morning and a few hours later we found ourselves in our living room window, looking at these two shakes overloaded with toppings and surrounded by a million small pieces of nuts, crushed meringues and chocolate spread. As naughty as they look, these shakes are made with real ingredients. They even has beetroot in them. And they are entirely vegan.

    The base is a deliciously thick nice cream made with frozen bananas, frozen raspberries, dates, nut milk ice cubes and beetroot. Because we wanted it thick, you need a strong blender or food processor to get it smooth. But you can also just replace some of the frozen ingredients with thawed to make it more like a smoothie and easier to blend. We top it with vegan meringues (which we happened to have at home), whipped coconut cream, melted dark vegan chocolate, chopped hazelnuts, raspberries and a dusting of cacao powder.

    So you know what you need to do tomorrow. Whip these babies up for your partner, parent, friend, pet or someone else you love. We shared these with our kids. Their eyeballs almost popped when they saw them and as soon as the first layer of topping was gone, we filled up with more. As shall you.

    Big love!
    David, Luise and the gang

    Video Player

    Love Shake
    Serves 2

    It’s easy to make vegan meringues using aquafaba but if you are not vegan, you can of course just buy or make regular meringues. Or skip them.

    Raspberry & Beetroot Nice Cream
    50 g /1/2 cup grated raw beetroot

    225 g / 2 cups frozen raspberries
    4 soft dates
    2 frozen bananas
    1/2 tsp freshly ground cardamom
    5 coconut milk ice cubes  (or other nut milk)

    100 g / 3 1/2 oz dark chocolate
    3 tbsp hazelnuts
    250 ml / 1 cup whipped coconut cream (instructions here) or regular whipped cream
    a handful fresh (or frozen and thawed) raspberries
    1 tsp cacao powder

    4-5 vegan meringues or regular

    Melt chocolate over a water bath and chop the hazelnuts finely. Dip the rim of two glasses in the chocolate and then in the nuts. Place the glass in the freezer so the chocolate will set while preparing the smoothie.

    Add all nice cream ingredients to a high-speed blender or food processor. Mix and mash using the tamper until everything is smooth, thick and creamy. Add an extra splash nut milk to the blender if needed to loosen up. Drizzle melted dark chocolate inside the glasses and spoon in the smoothie/nice cream. Top generously with whipped coconut cream, raspberries, chopped nuts and more melted chocolate. Sprinkle with cacao powder and crush a few meringues on top.

    Dive in!

    If you are in the mood for more vegan chocolate treats, check out this aquafaba chocolate mousse that we just posted on our youtube channel.

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